Centuries of Sound tackles 1905 (via b3ta, which also links these beautiful animations by Andreas Wannerstedt) / The Sands of Voltark, an exploration game (via RPS) / Your Favorite Fictional Universes in Pen and Paper (via Angie’s List) / Scenes from an imperfect world, Rick Poynor on the editorial work of Don McCullin at Eye Magazine / The Pudding, which ‘explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays’, has an epic study of the gendered difference in pocket design. See also their analysis of film dialogue and on crowdsourcing the definition of ‘punk’ / All Hail the Monumental Horror Image. We hadn’t seen Unedited Footage of a Bear before. Sort of related, bipedal robot with quadcopter head / illustrations by Maggie Enterrios / ‘Of Rainbows and Other Monuments‘, illustration by Clemens Ascher at Design Milk / 8-bit musical creativity (via K). Related, 8-bit keys, demonstrating and repairing the iconic and obscure 80s era musical instruments / Cope, the website of James Wallis. Dormant for a while / The immigrants who built Australia’s ‘fairytale’ castles, including Fairy Park and Paronella Park / Modernist Estates asks Do you live in New Ash Green? There is a vaguely Scarfolk-y promo for the development, A Village on the Hill / for sale, the scientific library of Erwin Tomash / a wooden puzzle cabinet (via Gizmodo) / The 36-Hour War: Life Magazine, 1945, at Restricted Data, the ‘nuclear secrecy blog’. See also In Search of a Bigger Boom, via MeFi.

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