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Musings on the lure of nostalgic technology, including the Fisher-Price PXL-2000 camera / slightly more up to date: plan your wedding with Google / the Pole House, Australia / a skimpy history of the bathing suit / Phaidon continue their foray into art forgery with the story of Ely Sakhai, a New York dealer who ran a lucrative racket making copies of ‘middle market’ works by big name artists. ‘When Christie’s and Sotheby’s released spring catalogues for their modern-art auctions, they were alarmed to discover that each was offering [Paul Gauguin’s Vase de Fleurs (Lilas)] – and each house thought it had the original


Departed Flights hosts a treasure trove of content relating to the history of civil aviation / the story of the Clearmountain Pause, a largely invented musical styling / Black Moon Pursuit, at Automobiliac / Pickadolla, a pop culture website / Mad Men Integrated mashes up the tedium of modern day Madison Avenue with the rose-tinted dramatic visions of AMC (via (MeFi) / Monocle get in on the travel guides market, channelling the retro spirit pioneered by Herb Lester / the above film shows Mat Collishaw’s 3D zoetrope entitled ‘All Things Fail‘, a three-dimensional animated recreation of Peter Paul Reubens’ Massacre of the Innocents.

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