In the mix

The Concrete House, one of Connell, Ward and Lucas’s quiet masterpieces / twenty years of the Wallpaper* architects’ directory / 100 years that changed Houston; ‘Just add an overwhelmingly oppressive humidity and you’ve got the place.’ (thanks, David) / welcome to the ‘micro hood’ / an obituary for Michael Glickman, an architect obsessed with Crop Circles / the Temple of the Steps, Sameep Padora & Associates (photos Edmund Sumner / illustrations by Felicia Chiao / switching gears to music. Listen to sounds by Wolf People; Temple Solaire; On Autopilot / Richardjcooper is up to the sixth edition of his endearing scuzzy indie covers series / Bad Moon Rising at 35: How Sonic Youth’s 1985 masterpiece reinvented indie rock / Atomic bombing; how to protect yourself / some classic copycat car designs / How to do archaeology with place names.

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