In orbit

New view of a moon of Saturn / Inside Bolivia’s New Psychedelic Mansions, ‘Freddy Mamani’s flamboyant architecture is restyling Bolivia’s El Alto’ / Someone in Alabama Sold a Priceless Lunar Rover for Scrap Metal / Dakota Death Trip, a daily foray into the ‘strange, brutal, or interesting articles gleaned from newspapers from the upper Midwest from the 1870s-1920s’ / consultation opens on Crossrail 2 / building the Hoover Dam / stress testing Lego / backseat memories: Our Toyota was fantastic / Paperhouses offers contemporary house designs for free / beautiful interior paintings by Eleanor Ray / deducing life and movement from Flickr / a collection of architectural models / Words on Woodcuts / photographs of modernity passed by Weronika Dudka / Arte! a collection of paintings / Quelque Part Sur Le Web / all about the Kensington Air Terminal. More / Artifacts of futures that might have been: the art of the Fisher Body Craftsman’s Guild models / retro graphics and more at Flashbak / When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?

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