In orbit

The Shape of Space, ‘what the orbital space habitats designed for NASA in 1975 can teach us about living in new geometries.’ A look at curved space, visible horizons and living in the upside down / ABODE, by photographer Jens Weber, a study of Günther Eckert’s accommodation at the 1972 Munich Olympic Village, turned into student housing in 2009 by Knerer und Lang. See also A Room of One’s Own, a photographic essay by Natalie Payne / maps by Mike Hall / ‘All of the parties are agreed that a snowball certainly is not a biscuit.’ Thomas Tunnock Ltd v Revenue & Customs (via MeFi) / an experiment in living with the ‘Instagram Face‘. From the article, ‘another poll in 2013 found that 30% of every picture taken by 18 to 24-year-olds was a selfie.’ / Italy’s crumbling infrastructure under scrutiny after bridge collapse. Related, the Sack of Palermo, and how the mafia battlefield became a cultural capital.

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