Imaginary views and made up buildings

We often get called out for being too much in awe to Lego, but CUUSOO is something to keep an eye on, a kind of Kickstarter for Lego models, where users post extraordinarily detailed and complicated models – such as this Sandcrawler – and others vote on whether they can transformed into limited edition kits. The popular ideas – Minecraft, naturally – get thousands of votes, but there are some quirky gems further down the pecking order, in amongst all the spaceships, such as this Aston Martin DB5 (with no ejector seat and a rather out of place V12), a flooded temple, a Bonsai tree and the MetLife Building in NY. More architecture – the International Style is particularly well suite to Lego miniaturisation. Not a lot of Gehry on show. Related, Lego Mac.


One day, all education will be conducted through infographics: a history of the garage (via Autoblog) / 8-bit colour clash rules at ZXthestics (via MeFi) / knee surgery in Post-It notes / 11|13, a fashion blog / Little Gems, a site about British children’s television programmes from times past / Turps Banana is a fine magazine about modern painting / images of Donau, by photographer David Willen / Imaginary View, plastic landscapes by Dan Tobin Smith and Rachel Thomas as part of the series Imaginary View – see above / NRM the 2nd has a flickr stream filled with cranes. It’s the place to go if you want to see how the tower crane in Vauxhall was salvaged following the earlier helicopter crash.


When Bad Sax Happens to Good People, on the use of classic 80s sonic tropes in the last Bon Iver album. Lots of entertaining videos and opinions at that last link, No Rubbish / Fuck Yeah Blixa / Forensic in (Nearly) Anything, a look at the fascination with what are apparently in-depth studies. See also Kottke on the Challenges of Conversational Journalism, or now expert opinions that cut to the chase and offer true insight are usually drowned out by amateur speculation.

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