Imaginary utopias

In the grand tradition of imaginary utopias: Nova Cantabrigiensis, ‘a utopian island in the middle of the Minas Basin, Nova Scotia’. A new book by John Devlin, published by Island Editions (via wallpaper). The other imaginary city that springs instantly to mind is Urville, by Gilles Trehin, ‘a city with 11 820 257 inhabitants (1999), its the largest city of France and even of Europe for the population. It is the capital of the administrative region ” Insular Provence” which counts 14 275 960 inhabitants. The city is divided in 35 sections.’


Crazy Walls (‘when a scrapbook is not crazy enough’), via haddock, a visual chronicle of set designers’ favourite visual trope. TV Tropes refers to this as a Room Full of Crazy / illusory, a tumblr / I-II-III, a tumblr / Pretty Clever, a tumblr / some more tumblrs: Cosmic Grajo, mmmt, mehrblick / a history of the button / IIeII, a tumblr / Buck Macabre, a tumblr / one of our favourite websites slips into ‘slow retirement’: the slow decline of diskant.


10,000 or so images of modern Britain, warts and all. Owen Hatherley’s flickr photostream, geographically organised and utterly essential / see also The Modernist, ’20th century modernist design and architecture in the NW of England from Manchester’s lost tripe restaurants and the great cooling towers of Fiddlers Ferry, to the fab 60’s plans for Liverpool city centre.’ / A Penguin A Week / Retro Rambling, sprawling but honest / what is the future of social housing?


On Shadow, ‘an ongoing experimentation into the form of photography on the internet’ / more dense design links and images at TEAiM / see also FormFiftyFive, which features things like the rich, dense aerial photography of Stephan Zirwes and endless stacks of neatly arranged stationery and graphic ephemera / Fragments, a tumblr / a tall building, at Chaz Hutton / related, Dubai Burj Khalifa: Ramadan fast ‘lasts longer high up’.


Peckham’s Garudio Stuiage has just released its charming a Nation of Shop Keepers, a colouring book stroke architectural history that presents the eclectic mix of commercial architecture along Rye Lane, stripped of modern signage. The timing is unfortunate, given the thoroughly tragic destruction that’s been visited on the retail landscape of north and south London over the last couple of nights.


We’ve been having a bit of a clear-out and back issue audit. It turns out that the only issues we are still able to sell are 08, 09, 13, 14, 16, 17/18 and the current issue, 19/20. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. In order to free up some much needed shelf space, we’re instigating a short special offer: anyone buying a copy of issues 14 (with rabbits, GPS woes and more) or 17/18 (with spar boxes, vanishing cities and more) will get a free copy of the current issue.

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