Imaginary places and empty spaces

Wilkmanshire, a weblog devoted to ‘the mapping of the form of the city as it develops’ / Hairy Sack of Magic, imagery, mostly culled from elaborate magazine shoots, occasionally nsfw / It’s a vision, complete illusion, a cascade of imagery / Public Imaginarium, a window on the world of publically available images / Etsy pick of the day.


Fragments, a tumblr. Not much more than just cars and girls / el colectivo futuro!, yet more imagery / rare Bill Watterson art / the Society of Wood Engravers / After the Art Fair, photographs by Jacob Krupnick of the demounting of Art Basel Miami Beach: ‘It’s that rare moment when lots of valuables are at risk and in motion. The amazing piles of crates and packing materials make it hard to pin down what, exactly, an art piece is.’


Fuck Yeah Cartography, a mapping tumblr / related, Ogle Earth, which examines ‘how internet mapping tools like Google Earth affect science and society.’ We haven’t had a chance to check out Google Earth 6 yet (3D trees! Seamless street view!) but suspect some kind of computer upgrade will be required to use it / related, sort of, ‘Winy Maas of MVRDV talks to Second Life creator‘ / Seattle Hologram.


Spatial Disruptions, a project by Jennifer Mason / Animal Crossings / great rock star car crashes, part XXIV / a clip from From A to B: Tales of Modern Motoring, a classic slice of 1990s Modern Times documentary from the BBC. There’s a cracking shot of Doncaster Central Library at about 1m41s, which predicts the imagery of Parr’s Boring Postcards, published five years later / Space Jam, a tumblr / Structo, a fiction and poetry magazine.

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