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Ringo or Robin Ltd was a furniture company set up by Ringo Starr in 1969, alongside the designer Robin Cruikshank. Ringo’s foray into the heady world of 70s interior design was once little chronicled, with information found via such august publications as the Ringo Starr Encyclopedia. However, ROR International still exists, as does the great ROR Archive, containing advertising imagery and more. It was the era of Terence Conran’s House Book, first published in 1974, stuffed full of designs that have come right back into fashion after three decades. Starr and Cruikshank were not against a bit of bling (e.g. the Rolls-Royce table), but what’s most interesting about the firm’s potted history (Starr left in 1986) is its involvement in the Middle East and the involvement of Ted Heath to oil the wheels of certain commissions and contracts. Paging Adam Curtis.

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