I’d like to trip you up

The TripAdvisor Effect, a prism through which the world’s hospitality industry can only be distorted, or how an ‘aggregate of rational, emotionally distant information [can be] overwhelmed by a much more narratively powerful, personally relevant source.’ Related, a collection of the site’s biggest controversies (as if to prove the first piece’s point). See also: TripAdvisaargh.


The collage art of Sheila Margaret Mullen / Blueprint on the art of Ladybird, a review of the exhibition Ladybird by Design at the Bexhill Pavilion / Building Supertall, the world’s next top ten towers / beautiful kinetic light installation – Shylights / flickr user X-Ray Delta One is a treasure trove of vintage scans / more old things at Retro Synth Ads / more Mars One Shenanigans / The Glorious Boondoggle, Calatrava at ground zero.

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