I walked right out of the machinery

The marvellous The Mario Rivoli Lifetime Collection of Bakelite / a couple of MeFi things: Favorite Maps of 2021; remastered Thingu / create an Endless Acid Banger in a browser (via Synthanatomy) / try recreating Manuel Göttsching’s amazing E2-E4, from 1984. You can’t / also related, the 40 greatest synth sounds of all time / Wikipedia’s list of ‘unusual articles’ / retro-futures: Where Are They Now: Flying Car Concepts From Just The Last Decade / Zillow Gone Wild, real estate drama / An Exclusive Interview with The Marble Arch Mound: ‘But in reality, I am part of history, merely one chapter of an ancient story. Marble Arch has a long legacy of scaffolds erected for the public good.’ You could always sign the petition / Master of the Universe, architect Mike Davies and his interest in astronomy / trickier times / simpler times.

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