I walk on concrete / I walk on sand

Bob Mazzer’s portfolios of life on the Tube in the 80s and 90s is doing the rounds (posted at Spitalfields Life, linked via MeFi). Flickr is the place to go for countless sets of old London imagery: City of London in the 1970s, the 1960s, old versus new London (always a favourite), London, East and South City, which looks at the ravages of development on the docks, ghosts of London past. There are also lots and lots of pictures of buses. Related, one man protest.


Other things. Cerysmatic Factory is concerned with all things about the legendary label, including this retrospective on the work of the late Steve Martland / Presenting United’s New Mainliner Stratocruiser (via things tumblr, at the Boeing Stratocruiser Page) / related, Tumblratings, ‘this site allow you to discover new tumblrs and then mix a bunch of them up in a random bundle so you don’t feel so bad’ (via Projects) / Tamiya 1980s buggy box art / Everything you need to now about Paul Klee / Jim Golden photographs things. See above.

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