Hunting and shooting

The fashion for designer minimalism continues with these children’s story posters (at Square Inch Design Blog) / The Archive at the Badge Collector’s Circle website / Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies. The novelty section is especially fun / Achill-Henge / ‘Eyam is a village in Derbyshire famous for its plague story’ / The Monster Engine, painting children’s nightmares since 2005 / DeMille’s Lost City, a site devoted to the rediscovery of the set of The Ten Commandments. Unfortunately the site itself looks like it needs some archaeology.


Aggregat 456 on the Aerodynamic Lightness of Being, the relationship between architecture and flight in the early years of the aviation industry, from the ravings of Le Corbusier to Alexander Graham Bell’s tetrahedral structures, evolved out his prototypical ‘Cygnetkites and flying machines.


The above images are paintings by Leigh Mulley / photographs of Barcelona by Benjamin Gerull / 8-bit covers of songs that you like / -monograph, a tumblr / the Big Egg Hunt / photography by Nathan Kensinger / Emissions in the Dark, a tumblr / Paradise Parking is a photographic study of automotive decay by Peter Lippmann / guerilla libraries in NY payphones / The British Editor, a tumblr / Copycats, an audio tumblr.

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  1. The water gun pictures are making me feel all nostalgic.

    I’d never really noticed the details that go into them until now

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