Household Archaeologies

Storage is the nemesis of organisation. The academic discipline of household archaeology is a trifle too dense for our purposes. Instead, consider the layers of debris laid down over decades and the way that memories drift and settle like a layer of dust over untouched and forgotten objects. This is a long-winded way of saying that we have discovered some more old copies of things, located in crumbling cardboard boxes in a dark understair corner. Where they probably shouldn’t have been. But they were, and now they’re back in stock on our ordering page. Back issues are now 8 euros each, including P&P, with things 19-20 coming in at 10 euros.


Are we starting to hoard more in the digital realm than in real life? The great physical hauls are still out there – be they cars or records or more cars – but the compression of physical space is partnered with an explosion in virtual space. Tomorrow’s Stanley Kubrick’s will offer little more than a stuffed-to-bursting Dropbox as their posthumous legacy, rather than 900 custom-made boxes of ephemera.

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