House beautiful

Design Observer hosts a lovely gallery of architects in children’s books, mostly used as an excuse to delve into the wonderful world of illustrating small scale houses. The piece is especially obsessed with the House by Mouse books (like Need a House, Call Ms. Mouse). We also find this cited at Vesselatelier a few years ago, where the author writes that ‘… I am inclined to believe this book planted the architectural seed in me.’ We have similar feelings for Barbapapa’s New House and were rather delighted to discover that there’s a Barbapapa House playset, a true piece of 70s-era architecture that was directly inspired by many earth houses and concrete experiments, especially in Europe. Many more Barbapapa figurines here. Another great collection of imaginary animal homes and houses scanned here at the Animalarium. Staying with children’s books, the blog Pen and Oink compiles scans and illustrations old and new (via MeFi)

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