Horns of plenty

‘Take the Nightline through an infinite Metropolis. Destination? Unknown.’
a submission to
PROCJAM, ‘The Procedural Generation Jam’, in 2018. Lots more to explore, including this Procedurally Generated Tarot Deck / Seeing Sound, ‘the art and design of the stomp box’. One of those creative avenues where such a rich atmosphere and potential is promised and conveyed through colour and illustration / art by Artem Chebokha / art by Frank Webster / a day out at the Harbin Opera House / David Mitchell on losing keys and accumulated clutter / On Ambroise Paré and his repudiation of the healing power of the unicorn horn, as well as unicorns themselves, at Wellcome Stories / a fashionable history of Dover Street, at Peter Harrington Rare Books.

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