Hook, line and sinker

The Fishing Party, an ancient post about a mid-80s British documentary that’s worth re-watching, if you can stand it / a history of the German autobahn / My Own Private Bookclub, a traditional and wonderful blog / Jon, episode 1 and 2, ‘a Garfield fancomic considering the life of Jon Arbuckle, cartoonist’ / the end of Blueprint’s Print Edition. The website will live on / remembering the 1990s Indie Dance Boom / play with a Slayer action figure / LA under construction / Dawsons Heights, South London’s ziggurat / FOMA 7: When Bricks Are Put Together, Carefully, the ‘seventh edition of Forgotten Masterpieces is taking a field trip through Italy’. At Architecture of Doom / watch the Japanese Consul General to the USA play the Star Spangled Banner, Hendrix-style.

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