Hoarding ideas

A City of Dust, the history of London through photography / The Legs of New York (via Kottke) / Relics of the Soviet Era / paintings by Soren Amsnaes / the web presence of the eternal Momus / Inside the life of a hoarder: trauma, loneliness and the secret power of Things / illustrations by Steve Lambert / the secret, library-based apartments of New York / Mametz Woods, still scarred by the Somme / Ladies by Ladies, images of women by women artists. Often nsfw.


The nostalgia industry: ‘I Miss My CDs.’ We sympathise: ‘…my music collection is a lawless (but not lossless) mess—a digital diaspora of streaming tracks; ripped MP3s; Bush/Cheney-era eMusic files; Bandcamp purchases; SoundCloud likes; and iTunes downloads in ancient file formats that now read like dating-site acronyms’ / the ups and downs of life as a celebrity lookalike / Wikipedia’s Global Catastrophic Risk page makes for depressing reading / widebody heaven, My Lovely Cars / Violet Club, the nuclear bomb that could never have worked / London Concrete Utopias, lost then found again.

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