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The pandemic is pushing marginal technologies into the mainstream: How vending machines could play an important role in the ex-urban economy. Aside from the listicle-friendly culture of vending machines in Japan, vending machines have long been a low-key mainstay of the modern world. As Atlas Obscura notes, the idea of mechanised, automated transcations dates back millennia, but modern packaging and payment methods have ramped up the breadth and diversity of vending machine culture. Nothing much is new under the sun, although it seems that culture is a harder sell than condiments. The original Penguincubator, along with the Book-o-Mat and others are the forerunner of the short-lived shrink-wrapped airport novel vending machine, or the more lit-orientated Short Story Dispenser. See also the Cyberpunk Vending Machines II by pixel artist Kenze Wee. A more likely future? / other things. an online Roland simulator, 808303.studio (via music radar). See also the original Chrome Music Lab, as well as these other music-related Chrome experiments. Then there’s the Theremin; Beepbox, a few of the many hundreds of online sound-making tools there are out there / Machine Books, publishers / paintings by Yohan Terraza. / Lockdown London, photographs by Hannah Starkey.

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