Histories of power and rock and roll mice

The Nimbus MkIII is a ”pareidolic robot’ that identifies forms and faces in clouds.’ (via b3ta, one of many visionary projects showcased at the RCA’s Design Interactions 2012 site. We also liked A Brief History of Power by Tobias Revell (giant jpg linked here and extracted above) and Pei-Ying Lin’s Guiltless Excuses, ‘a mobile application that pragmatically deals with people’s inner guilt and helps them to maintain a balance between the personal and the public self… The project introduces the idea of ‘Excuse Management’ which turns the ordinarily undercover human behavior of making excuses into a serious consideration, and quantifies social status with a variable called “’Excuse Credit’ which is a person’s popularity in a community.’ Finally, Koby Barhad’s All That I Am goes to some length to ask the question, ‘Can a mouse be Elvis?’:

Hair samples of Elvis Presley, bought on ebay were sent to a gene sequencing lab to identify different behavioural traits (varied from sociability, athletic performance to obesity and addiction). Using this information, transgenic mice clones with parallel traits were produced. The genetically cloned models of Elvis (in this case) are tested in a collection of various contemporary scientific mouse model environments, simulating some of the significant biographical circumstances of his life.

Some other things. The work of artist/designer Andrea Zittel, bridging the gap between product design and installation with a series of inhabitable sculptures / a collection of pictures of wartime London in colour / Ephemeral New York, a lovely weblog ‘chronicling an ever-changing city through faded and forgotten artifacts’. A London equivalent is needed, if only to capture the relentless way in which development-led ‘transformations’ – such as this one at Nine Elms London – periodically swoop in and completely re-structure our perception of the city.


Jenni Sparks’ Hand Drawn Map of London is a thing of beauty. Available from Evermade / Dave’s Geeky Ideas / Overhead Compartment / a new website from German photographer Tillmann Franzen / the Thingiverse is always worth keeping an eye on. Related, 3D printing comes of age / listen to UVB-76, aka The Buzzer.

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  2. Peter Doyle says:

    Could I ask please?

    Can the history of power be obtained as a poster?

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