Hissing of summer lawns

The Truth About Gentrification, a Guardian special report / see also Ghost Estates, a photography project about life after the Irish bubble burst by photographer Valerie Anex / see also Collective Retrofit, transforming high-end suburbs into livable spaces for more people, a project by Frank Gössage / Ordinary Architecture versus Ordinary Studio. One of these practices is more self-consciously ordinary than the other. The other is not / At the top of their game, ‘pictures that depict winners of various state and local competitions in Belarus’ by Rafal Milach / Chernikhov, a gallery of architectural landscapes.


Art School, a project by photographer Matthew Monteith (we also love his project ‘Cars‘, finding the banal and unexpected in unconventional interiors that somehow discard the thousands of hours of design and construction that go into each space) / finished unfinished architecture; Muppets Most Wanted took the liberty of finishing off 20 Fenchurch Street, better known as the Walkie Talkie, in the Tower of London scenes / new levels of rock and roll debauchery: GG Allin versus Gary Barlow.


On Author’s Notebooks / Oliver McAnish is an illustrator / Humanoid History, a tumblr / illustration by Edward Crooks / Anti-Vitruv & Super Brunelleschi / Contemporary Practice / This Brutal House / MO-TO: Modern Vintage Toy Cars

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