Highs and lows

The end of the Elephant. View the classic Bert Hardy image, pre-shopping centre, and a few other historical images of the area. See also Heygate was Home / see also Pandemic as driver of urban evolution / sexism in the world of serious whisk(e)y drinking / How the oil industry made us doubt climate change / some frivolities. The Casio EG-5 Cassette Guitar. It can be modified / another attempt by an overseas publication to de-mystify ‘poshness’ in the UK (clue, ‘poshness’ is not posh) / Grand Central Terminal workers had secret ‘man cave’ under New York City landmark / / a drone for your home. No good can come of this / An Eclipse of Moths, a new exhibition of images by Gregory Crewdson / photographs by Niall McDiarmid / What’s the first magazine you ever loved? (via Laura Olin) / capture the universe in a nutshell.

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