Higher and higher

Author and architect Carlos M Teixeira’s ‘Maharishi . The Ultimate Skyscraper’ is a cautionary fiction about an endless tower in Sao Paolo. Published in edition 2 of the Paperwork Journal, it was accompanied by illustrations created Mister Mourao (Vasco Mourão) after original sketches by the author. The illustrations were then taken further and worked up by German architect Dietmar Koering to create a 3D printed model. Teixeira was also responsible for a giant concrete labyrinth for the 29th Sao Paulo International Art Bienal in 2010 (via Archidose):

By far the most strenuous and drawn-out phase of the construction work was laying the foundations: it took indefatigable workers five years to construct a structure that delved 140 metres into the earth! Built on an area spanning 60-blocks (about 600,000 square metres), the pilings warranted the removal of mountains upon mountains of earth that were taken to a huge landfill over the park that was conceived as an integrated element of the project. Among the features of the project were two museums, 16 malls, four convention centres, five hotels, seven spas, three universities, five religious temples, and one million square metres dedicated to offices, shops, apartments and everything else that a city may need.’


Other things. Function creep: are household appliances getting too complicated? / impressive Lego model of Hogwarts (via MeFi) / Karen Woods is a painter. Her Driving Rain series appears to be uncannily photorealistic as thumbnails, but far more involved and complex paintings at full scale / Mid-Centuria is dedicated to post after post of vibrant, large-scale scanned imagery, including this look at the Alcoa Care Free Home of 1957.

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