High style

We give you the links. You connect the dots. If there are any dots to connect. How to design a set: the house in Parasite. See also the perfect montage in Parasite / should architects work for regressive regimes? / mood music / If we survive the night, a short story / a modular house / Hieronymous Bosch figurines / a list of contemporary experimental rock bands / The Mile High City on Norman Mailer’s Cannibals and Christians, 1966 (via Meanwhile) / cut through cliches with the Buzzsaw / My Instagram, a short story / a joyous new series, The McMansion Year Book, starts with a look at the proto-McMansions of 1970 / just seven years earlier, parts of the UK still looked like this: the changing face of Camberwell, from 1963 / more London history / a virtual tour of the Isle of Wight, part one and two / a twitter feed that recommends things from the Internet Archive / studying for Losers.

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