High, over and underground

London Reconnections is a site about the capital’s transport infrastructure, the challenges and complexities of updating and expanding it. Hugely comprehensive, with a very active comments section. Recent posts include the conclusion of a five-part series of London in 2050, a forensic analysis of the official ‘London Infrastructure Plan 2050‘, culminating in a disection of the Tube of 2050, with a projected 60% increase in passenger numbers / for a view of how things used to be, visit the Survey of London Archives.


Other things. Lawrence Lee Magnuson has an eye for a good painting / 1000 Words is a website about photography / The Hungry Eye is a tumblr about imagery / High and Over is one of the most significant Modernist houses in the UK, now on the market in the most complete and original state it has been since it was first built / The Ghost Army, on art, fakery and war. See also the imaginings of Jasper Maskelyne (previously) and the magic-for-a-different-reason work of Eric Ravilious, currently on show at Dulwich Picture Gallery / tracking gentrification in LA with the Green Fence Project (via Projects) / Port Magazine has a photographic feature on the last days of vinyl, shot by Steve Kenward. Steve has built up quite a portfolio of contemporary craft and independent businesses: Made not Manufactured and Literally.

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