High in the sky

Modernist greeting cards at Things You Can Buy versus The Triumph of Postmodernism. Pomo is fast becoming an endangered species / Despicable Me meets Dr Strangelove meets the Big Brother House in this conceptual scheme for Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations. Great timing / riding in the Youabian Puma, a fearsome piece of auto design / Immersion 360 lets overseas buyers into your property without the need for them to even charter a plane / related and slightly depressing. The rise of the mega-spec home / also related, the rise of the Frankenburb at Granola Shotgun (via MeFi) / Flora Will Save Me, a tumblr / OpenSFHistory, a collection of historical images of San Francisco / 80’s Tapes, reliving the mix (with associated links) / fund the Poco Supercomputer, a multi-functional Pi-powered Gadget / Urthecast puts satellites over newsworthy spots on the globe.

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