High and over?

London from 600 feet up, building the Post Office Tower in 1964. Two years later the Rank Organisation returned to visit the rotating restaurant in Eating High. The viewing gallery was bombed in 1971 and the restaurant closed. It re-opened, temporarily, in the summer to celebrate the Tower’s 50th anniversary / much has been written about the death of Betamax but this comment explodes a few myths (‘Porn was released on both VHS and Beta (and V2000 in Europe), Sony had no control over what content was released on the format. Just buy an old video magazine on an online auction site to see this in the ads at the back. Old American video have lots of ads for adult material and until the 90s, almost everything was released on Beta as well as VHS. It doesn’t stop newspapers and people trotting out this utter lie time after time’). More at MeFi.


What is the real future of architectural publishing? See also: ‘Our monographs, magazines and museums feed a cycle of shallow celebratory hysterics with little to no investigative or critical practice‘ / Flight To The Moon – Historic Moments From Manned Space Flight / Life with the Aphex Twin, a blog post at Michael Gillette’s blog / War Plan Red, Angela Chen on the story ‘behind the secret, full-scale invasion plans that the United States and Canada used to hold for each other’ / If You’re Not Paranoid, You’re Crazy – are we living in a world where our phones snoop on what we say? If that’s not a writing prompt / Restricted Areas, a photography project by Danila Tkachenko / related: The abandoned buildings of the Eastern bloc / sort of related: 007 Interiors, a compilation of the best Bond sets (many of which were created by the incomparable Ken Adam.

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