High and mighty

Part of our ongoing and occasional series exploring Cold War oddities and instantly outdated pieces of military equipment: the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin, a ‘parasite fighter‘ designed to work in conjunction with the Convair Peacemaker / prints by Jantze Tullet / 3D models at Falling Pixel / Stickers and Stuff, a scrapbook weblog (scrapblog?) / Nomadicity, a tumblr / Shotgun Season, a tumblr / Winterpool, a tumblr / volume control, a tumblr / the Archives Dada, a tumblr.


Adam Curtis, Save Your Kisses For Me, a good companion to Jerusalem / Skyscrapers – past, present and future / Vincent Fournier’s masterful series The Man Machine splices emotion into modern robotic research (see above). See also his series Post Natural History, a bestiary for an altered future / make your own Eiffel Tower in paper, matchsticks, cardboard, Lego, Meccano, Duplo, K’Nex, lollipop sticks, Eitech.


Currently, here.net’s /’Maps 3D’ function gives you a melty, 3D city view, a bit Hundertwasser. The future is a combination of Lidar and photography, apparently / Pigeon Sim: Fly Round London as a Pigeon / delighted to rediscover The Deep North / quite a meta concept for a book: the Moleskines sketches of famous creatives / more Niemeyer tributes, also at W* / Cure People, a project by Scott Witter. See also James Mollison’s The Disciples.

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