High and dry

Travel costs from central London. The darker the red, the pricier the (train) journey. A project by Chris Heathcote / happy to find a copy of this gem the other day; Seventies light entertainment given the Meades treatment / recommended music Is Bliss / the Zagato Zele, an electric car before its time / vintage fashion imagery at Get Some Vintage-a-Peel. Mildly nsfw on occasion / So Young Magazine, a fanzine for the modern era / the Yamaha CS-80, king of the presets / Brutal Texture, art from architecture by Simon Hombersley / the 7 most endangered buildings in Europe / the great London flood of 1928.


Sekvenskonst (Sequential Art), a blog about classic comic art by Joakim Gunnarsson / Tony Pritchard writes about design and education / illustrations by Neil Packer / Umbu, a weblog / London Portraits by Philipp Ebeling / Exploded Views, navigating 3D space made up of point clouds assembled from online datasets like Flickr. By the artist Marnix de Nijs / The Observatory, a proposed sculptural space that will move around the country to various rural sites / ‘a dealer thought the picture would sell better without a great dead animal taking up the middle ground‘.


June 12th, 1989: a fax from China (25 years after Tiananmen Square. more).

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