Hiding in plain sight

A critique of Apple Park, which is then given its own critique at Dezeen. The take-away: is a big, bespoke office building a good use of the world’s resources? / Lesbian Separatist Cottage Fantasy, occasionally quite nsfw – a sort midcentury softcore Cabin Porn / what are the best bad reviews? Schadenfreude by the slice / animated subway maps at My Modern Met, via MeFi / animations by Felix Sputnik / New Brutalism, a tumblr about post-war British architecture by photographer Simon Phipps / How we make a game called Hidden Folks, beautiful gifs / stunning illustrations by Yasunari Awazu / paintings by Tessa Coleman / What Britain used to look like from the air / the story of the Lagarfljót Worm / the Mudhoney documentary, heroic also-rans / ‘The heart of the positive, mind-open internet’. Thank you, Meanwhile.

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