Hidden Streets

A little dose of twitter wisdom: ‘I sometimes wonder whether the fact that the two richest men on earth are running distribution and cars, might go some way to explaining why our cities are not working too well at a street level.’ / another thread, on how public spaces ‘shrink’ for girls and women as they get older / Sigurd Lewerentz: Siting the Axonometric at the excellent Drawing Matter. See also, William Heath Robinson, ‘Tightening Up The Green Belt’ / the Katonah Relocation Project by Chris Larson, ‘Edward Larrabee Barnes Private Residence’, 1952, relocated (recreated) in the Sculpture Garden and Beitzel Gallery at the Katonah Museum of Art in 2015 / the digital recreation of a lost Italian church, using a variety of techniques to relocated San Pier Maggiore, absorbed into Florence’s streetscape 240 years ago (via MeFi) / 15th century Paris in the style of Age of Empires / Listening to the city: Architecture as soundscape / explore the hidden treasures (and spot the typo) at the Cambridge Digital Library / also at Cambridge, the Britain from the air: 1945-2009 archive: Cambridge Air Photos / smooth techno sounds by Psyanite / farewell Michael Apted.

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