Here they all are

This is where we’ve been putting all the links. Incredible Doom, a web comic (via MeFi Projects). Recommended / another comic: A Fire Story / useless design features in modern products / J Mascis to sell lots of excess gear on / vintage images of the ABC Shaftesbury Avenue / Back to Bits, old school style animations / hugely comprehensive post on post-war British bombers (of the flying kind) / the Rolling Home book, vanlife monograph dreams / the Saab-Lancia 600 / the Anime Floppy Disk page / an animation of the Analytical Engine / The Gallery of Lost Art / the Hustler, a design by William Towns / so many sounds and colours: cheaper pedals / Goodbye Uncanny Valley: ‘CGI production has ironically helped spur a move from traditional cinematic language into an abstracted, visceral sequence of spatially and temporarily disconnected impacts’ / car production in Australia has now ended / Google and the Resurgence of Italian Design. A bit of a stretch, aligning new Google design with the best Italian products of the late modern era, but certainly one in the eye for Apple / Global Shark Tracker / depressing deep dive into the mechanics and economics of the world of the design blog. Basically boils down to asking how high one should jump / explore the Secret World of Renaldo Kuhler, a new book by Brett Ingram on the outsider artist Renaldo Kuhler and the imaginary world of Rocaterrania.

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