Here comes the bride

The former Wedding Palace in Tbilisi, by Victor Djorbenadze became the private house of the late oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili, the definition of a colourful character. There only seems to be one plan available online, but it sort of backs up this quote at architectuul: ‘…in a flash I knew what it was: the anatomical cross-section of a female abdomen…. The uterus, the ovaries, the radiating ovum, and the vagina exiting between the two slabs of the bell-tower’ / Canary Wharf: life in the shadow of the towers. Decades after UK’s mini Dubai, what do locals think? / no shout out for things in the recent Kottke/Noticing post, Blogging is most certainly not dead. We did a similar thing just over a year ago, trawling through the sidebar and seeing which sites were still around: Link Review: weblogs round-up / etchings by Otto Dambra.

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