Here be doom cakes

Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the game. An 8-bit experiment in non-linear narratives (far too strange for us, at the time) / strange maps: where is the Island of Sodor? / see also the round-up of fictional maps and imaginary places at The Map Room, and this post about maps of fictional worlds at Austin Kleon’s website / see also Wigwag – Maps of Life at Warren Frederick’s website / see also a History of Cartography (from which the above is taken: ‘Drawn by the Majorcan Gabriel de Valseca in 1447, this style is midway between the two extremes of Catalan flamboyance and Italian austerity’.


Doom Cakes” ‘A cinematic tradition in which any beautifully decorated cake serves as a harbinger of imminent catastrophe (often including the destruction of said cake).’ / Lucas Worcel’s design-centric tumblr / on the Venus Project’s Jaques Fresco / ‘Five fake sounds designed to help humans‘ (via Inspiration Station): ‘Next time you’re at a big gig or sporting event, listen carefully to the sound being pumped out from the speakers and you’re very likely to hear crowd sounds mixed in with the music and announcements.’

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