Here and there

The art of Robert McGinnis (nsfw) at the hyper-dense Naver Blog, a site that doesn’t just give you five images when forty will do, be it the wood engravings of Eric Fraser, the illustrations of Francis Xavier or Carl Larsson, the architectural illustration of Jules Guerin or the glorious work of William Heath Robinson. Regularly nsfw


packaging addicted, illustration / Time Out and Contemporary Landscapes, two projects by Simon Massafra / Things found on restaurant napkins/ suits for modernity / Artefacts, a great volume of things by artist Lado Pochkhua / the Automodule by Jean-Pierre Ponthieu (via Martin Klasch) / Stefano Boeri’s Milanese Wood, a high rise forest / Unbuilt Washington, an interactive guide.


From yesterday’s comments, Printrbot: Your First 3D Printer. A Kickstarter project. Thanks to NoneMoreNegative (who seems to specialise in Burlesque photography – you have been warned) / The Evolution Store, a NY cabinet of curiosities / Wunderkammer, its Australian equivalent / architectural art by Lucy Williams (below is a detail from Indoor Pool with Mural.

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