Heaven scents

The Appendix is a ‘new journal of narrative and experimental history’. Highly recommended / the 2013 Microphotography Competition / new cyborgism at Archimedes PrOn, a tumblr / the Lost Media Wiki / re-live the 90s with these Select Magazine Scans (via MeFi) / Rimbaud was a demon child, re-live the decades that came before the 90s / Vegas punks re-unite / Is stealing sun in the Norwegian town of Rjuken playing with fire? (answer: no) / 2013 Tesla Model S vs 1956 CitroÎn DS-19 / Lego stuff / NASA stuff / ‘Hewlett-Packard’s printer ink runs at a premium cost of $4,285 per litre. That’s almost double the cost of Chanel No5.’ A project by Celeste Watson.

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