Haunted houses

Box Vox, a superb blog about packaging design old and new / re-making the B-29 (via MeFi) / Mapumental, transport times from London mapped / Let’s Make Robots / We are not alone, an Awful Library Book. A link to our collection / the camouflaged military bunkers of Switzerland, always interesting. Go straight to the work of Joel Tettamanti and do not pass go / Are Apple Stores the New Temples? (via Kottke). Related, when Apple changed the glass in its Fifth Avenue Store it went from 90 panes of glass to only 15. The ‘restoration’ was prompted purely by aesthetics and had no functional improvement whatsoever.


Casa Hastings, Lima, Peru, 1976. ‘To avoid house break-ins during their traveling spells, the owners run rumors of a weeping female voice that could be heard in the back of the backyard during particularly foggy Limeñan nights… The story evolved and became a conversation with dead spirits and eventually ‘‘the faithful’’ started seeing faces of saints and martyrs in the salt impressions left on the surrounding walls after the mist and the night were gone.’ At the marvellous OfHouses, a collection of forgotten houses / sort of related, Book Worship, a blog about beautiful books .


The History of Cartography, a seminal three-volume study from the 1980s made available online as pdfs / art and architectural sculptures by Rémy Jacquier / The Art of Fun, illustration by Christian Robinson / The Museum of Hoaxes / ArcheoSF, a French site about future visions / As-tu deja Oublie?, a feast of retro architecture and imagery from the post-war period / Made in Earnest, a design studio / the Project Apollo Photographic Archive / more cabin envy.

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