Hang and Twang

Buy art prints at Hang Together Studio, including work by Petra Eriksson, Mitch Payne and Baker & Evans / another new creative venture of note: Paper Boy Magazine / robot Tricks by Mario the Maker Magician / music by MR-63 / The Barbican: A Middle Class Council Estate. A film / how to play Get Lucky / art by Amanda Case Millis / still lives by Nick Dunne / Painting Research, art and exhibitions / a selection of modern luthiers: Blast Cult / Harvester Guitars / Pure Salem / Baum Guitars / Baranik Guitars / Rufini Fine Instruments / Fano Guitars / Wirebird Guitars / Deimel Guitar Works / Bacchus / Harmony / Danocaster / Maybury Guitars / Chris George Guitars / Bilt Guitars / Rebel Guitars / B-Way Guitars / Suhr Instruments.

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