Hand standing

The subjects in Lyle Owerko’s Boombox project don’t look like real things – they have the lightly dusted sheen of props or renders. Pocket calculator show has a good Boombox Museum, with some of the more unusual models, including the great Sharp MR-990, disected at Retro Thing, which also has a great link to Joel Fletcher’s time-lapse vignettes and early experimental films.


Task Newsletter (blog), via Sabrina Campagna / Claxton Projects, a photography tumblr / we’re struggling to think of applications for this augmented reality vanishing act / Swissair Logos at Wanken / a collection of interesting things / things on shelves, a photostream / The Disneyland Drawings (via a whole lotta nothing) / Psychogeographical Survival In The Sentient City / The Secret Gardens of Spitalfields.

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