Growing ideas

Elaborate paper sculptures by Li Hongbo / Spacebus, to ‘be used for launching medium satellites and as a general-purpose launch vehicle, but its main use would be for transporting tourists and supplies to and from space hotels.’ / Mars One, aiming to get to Mars by 2023, a bit earlier than Icarus Interstellar’s 2100 deadline for getting to the nearest star / saving forests in the UK / things fitting perfectly into things, for obsessive fiddlers / illustrations by Yan Nascimbene / fun things crop up at Archimodels, such as this Lego Colosseum / FramingArk, a website about artists working with architecture / Hyundai meets the Flaming Lips. The message we take away? ‘Do not attempt’ / an interesting idea, ‘growing’ a brand from scratch. Brands could almost be evolved, like the principles of natural selection being used in industrial design.

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