Golden Rabbits (or hares…)

Masquerade: How a real-life treasure hunt obsessed a nation. See also the following Me-Fi posts: I, II, III and IV. See also Hareraiser: Prelude, an accompanying Spectrum game / LOC Serendipity, ‘Curated and Randomly Generated Selections from the Library of Congress’ (via MeFi) / paintings by Martha Armstrong / Steve Albini shows us his junk / ‘This is a story about how an opportunist stole a band and an already stolen beat from a man he didn’t believe in.’ Burundi Beat: The Ants + Annabella + Appropriation / ‘It is a religion’: how the world went mad for Moomins / Other Places, a video series about video game world design (via RPS): their new playlist is Ambient, which starts with the soundscape to Alien: Isolation. Also via RPS, learn typing with the ancient Greeks / The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age, a book / Kickstart ‘the most beautiful construction kit in the world‘ / music by Hurray for the Riff Raff
/ music by Trimdon Grange Explosion, psych folk on Borley Rectory records.

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