Going underground

Manod: The Nation’s Treasure Caves, an exhibition about wartime picture storage, featuring photographs by Robin Friend / Side-By-Side Photos of Paris and Its Chinese Knockoff, by Francois Prost / an exhibition about The Great British Seaside. Could have done with some of Sheila Rock’s Seascapes UK project / the photographic life of Masha Ivashintosova / Google’s Art Palette is fun to play with. Related, the palette of Pillow Talk / How we made 2001 / What America looked like before the EPA, in photos (via the 20 year old Kottke! Finally out of the troublesome teenage years) / PutinPunishesUK / robotic Rubik’s Cube solver, ultra-fast edition / Why You Wouldn’t Want to Fly On The Soviet Concorde – The TU-144 Story, one of several aviation videos at Mustard’s page (via Jalopnik).

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