Going nowhere, slowly

The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Blog, a (deliberately) provocative piece from Kottke, who knows a thing or two about online longevity. It’s hard to disagree with the basic premise that ‘Blogs are for 40-somethings with kids’ when one sees how the world has moved on and evolved the way it consumes imagery, media, music, and all forms of information. We toyed with shuttering things this year, but were heartened by the response and also – in the brief absence – reminded of the reasons this site exists; a place to keep stuff that might otherwise be lost. And in keeping that stuff, we’re spurred on to find more things to keep it company. And it’s also true that no-one really sees tumblrs as blogs, despite the fact that’s exactly what they’d be called if they’d existed seven or eight years ago. Instead, they’re just … tumblrs, part of the relentless curatorialisation (if that’s a word) of every day life.

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  1. Kamilah Gill says:

    Thanks for the link to Kottke’s article. It articulates well some things that I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

  2. Please don’t go anywhere fast. I love this site.

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