Going in two by two

Who says the UK is immune to Creationism? Bristol is home to the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, a mash-up of the traditional small zoo (of which there are dozens across the UK) and the rather more strident ‘attractions’ like Genesis Expo, Portsmouth’s very own Creationist Museum (where ‘greeting the visitors in the entrance hall is “Boris”, a giant 20 ft. long model of a dinosaur. Children are fascinated by him’) and which is run by the Creation Science Movement. Noah’s Ark was recently criticised by the scientist (and parent) Alice Roberts (‘Why I won’t be going back to Noah’s Ark creationist zoo‘). We think it should raise its game – along the lines of Johan Huibers’s Ark van Noach – or the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, rather than get bogged down in petty spats. Although the ark itself is periodically ‘found’, the big news for this little Bristol zoo is surely this year’s big cinematic event. We also feel sure we’ve used this post title before.


Other things. the hidden visual effects of Wolf of Wall Street / Haunting Photos of a Crumbling Post-Communist World, work by Tamas Dezso / 70s SciFi Art, a tumblr / what will the Seattle Archipelago look like? / Rodeo Drive, 1983-1985, photographs by Anthony Hernandez (at The Great Leap Sideways) / photography by Tim George.

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