Going behind your back

Carter and Goldfinger explain the County of London Plan, at A London Inheritance from 1945 / illustrations by Vorja Sánchez / art and installations by Antti Laitinen / Arquitectura libre, a project that ‘focuses primarily on the architecture of remittances; the fantastical houses being built by financing from Mexican immigrants in the US who send money home’ / what’s the point of the Lego Titanic? Except for 9090 pieces. See also, the rise of the ‘kidult’ Christmas list / The McMansion Hell Yearbook reaches 1981. It’s a doozy / sort of related, Secret Bases / when Pininfarina built six Ferraris for the Sultan of Brunei’s awful brother. Without telling Ferrari / in memory of designer Bob Gill / seen everywhere, but worth your while: Jurassic Park with a cat / why is this interesting? The Taylor’s Version Edition. On music, rights, and re-recording. See Taylor Swift – All Too Well: The Short Film / the Tesla Death Ray (remember the Tesla flamethrower?) / minimalist games and interactions by Hakim El Hattab / photography by Catherine Hyland / The Family Museum, a research project based around a ‘collection of around 25,000 original British amateur family photographs and 300 photo albums, dating from the 1850s to the noughties.’ Some of the collection can be seen on the Family Museum Blog.

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