Glass cases, stones

The world’s greatest unsung museums / webcam fun (not that kind): do I look weird? adds a time delay so you can see what you look like in the immediate past; How normal am I?, ‘Experience how “artificial intelligence” judges your face’. As alarming as it sounds; Body Synth, use motion to make music. A palate cleanser after the last two / a collection of UK pop culture magazines, including Smash Hits, Record Mirror, Melody Maker, No. 1 and more / more 80s nostalgia, celebrating 40 years of the Austin Metro (via BBC News) / Adobe Photoshop can now identify ‘shopped images / inside the NY Public Library’s secret apartments (via tmn) / this gets a bit clickbaity, but here are some other ‘secret’ apartments / related, the Hidden House, by Coffey Architects.

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