Ghosts of somewhere

VR Fireworks by Cai Guo-Qiang / That “Tesla E-Bike” Is Gorgeous, but It Makes No Sense: ‘This is Internet of Shit territory, where a perfectly functional piece of analog technology is ruined by the unnecessary addition of a silicon chip.’ A good musing/rant about far-fetched concept design in general / 9 Places in D.C. That You’re Probably Never Allowed to Go (both via tmn) / a cover of Pink Floyd’s “A Saucerful of Secrets” / images of Japanese architecture by Tom Blachford / Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees / Artists Saving Forests / Restore UK woodland by letting trees plant themselves / edit:, ‘Tune Into Forests From Around The World’. Via Kottke / virtual visits to Frank Lloyd Wright (via w*) / the Dixie Spirits Blog. Good old-fashioned ghost stories.

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