Future visions

Hidden underground drinking-water reservoir in Houston / life of an architecture student, a tumblr / NASA concept art, generating more love and interest many decades past its completion than it ever did when it was new. We recently received a copy of Futuristic: Visions of Future Living, which compiles a few years worth of shiny rendered visions, many of which – if not all – are utterly unbuildable.


Copy this copy that, a tumblr / reminded how much we like Shelf Appeal, one of a relatively small number of weblogs that effortlessly conveys a love for the physical through the digital / Olivier Tallec is a French illustrator (via It’s Nice That) / the Futility Closet, a weblog / Leon Chew’s photo series Submerged Objects / In the Back Seat, a photo series by Alicia Rius / The Girl Works, a weblog / construction time-lapse of the vast Lego Millennium Falcon.


Some fine online detective work at Kottke: What happened to the former slave that wrote his old master? (seen via the original post at Letters of Note) / A good title is hard to find, Philip Graham on the agony of the naming process / ‘Iconic House‘, an Incidental Comic by Grant Snider (via Archinect).

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  1. Shelf Appeal says:

    Well, that’s about one of the nicest Things to have been said about Shelf Appeal. May I steal it as my strap line..?

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