Future visions, grand and small

Apodemy, a short film by Katerina Athanaspoulou / The case of the missing chimneys: Lots Road Power Station at The Library Time Machine, an excellent local studies weblog. The power station is soon to become part of Chelsea Waterfront / dinosaur world, a tumblr / feuilleton on La fièvre d’Urbicande, a 1985 graphic novel by the Belgian legends François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters, a visionary world that might also have inspired Sou Fujimoto’s 2013 Serpentine Pavilion – see this post at the highly recommended Architecture As… weblog, from where the above film is linked.


Other things. Instead of the increasingly criticised Garden Bridge project, why not invest in The Peckham Coal Line. This ‘1km elevated urban park would cut through the heavily built up ex-industrial area providing a precious green open space’ and use the ‘disused Rickett coal sidings which were decommissioned in the 1950’s’ / Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition, a snapshot of the veritable smorgasbord of what passes for iconic architecture these days.

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