Furious Loops

Myth and Monolith, the story of the vast concrete Nine Elms Cold Store, written by Andrew Rogers for Vauxhall History. The piece delves into the building’s alleged satanic past, and includes mention of people like Pinkie Maclure and the late proto performance artist Ian Hinchliffe. It doesn’t seem very long ago, but it also feels like ancient history / how loopy is that? / sneaky tactics: The Definitive Guide to Pricing Plans / a trip to Tashkent / we built this city / hand-drawn neighbourhood lockdown maps (via Kottke) / a blog about Picture book makers / I Turned a 1920’s Typewriter into an EDM Drum Machine (via tmn) / the Poly Digit, a clever sonic gadget / music by Seas Starry; Pumajaw (featuring Pinkie Maclure, see above, and Mr John Wills of Loop); related to the last, Ballardism, a three part symphony of sound by Mr Robert Hampson; more sounds at the Short Wave Music project / The boy who photographed La Belle Époque of France, the childhood of Jacques Henri Lartigue.

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